Training for a 5k in 11 Weeks: Week 4


Today was day one of week 3 of c25k and it was brutal. First of all, I have some ingrown toenails or something so my toes have been hurting. Secondly, I forgot my headphones and had to go all the way back home to get them because there was no way I was running without music. This workout consisted of the regular walk/run intervals, but this time the run intervals were longer. The runs switched between 1.5 minutes and 3 minutes.

After the first run interval, I was just dead. I had a stitch in my side the entire workout.  I actually stepped off the side of the treadmill for 10 seconds at one point because I needed a short rest. My shins hurt. I had to bring the walking speed down to 2.0 a few times and I had a really hard time finishing the last running portion because the stitch in my side was so intense. But I pushed through because I want this so bad. I want to actually be able to run a 5k, not just walk it. This was so difficult though that I’m afraid I might have to repeat week 3, but it’s only day 1 so we’ll see.

When I was stretching, there was a woman in front of me also stretching. She was so flexible that I found myself thinking “show off” when I watched her stretch. I’m sure she wasn’t trying to show off though, I was just really jealous because I can’t even touch my toes without bending my knees. I do seem to be making progress in that department though which I’m super excited about. Without further adieu, here’s my stats for today:

Distance Traveled Calories Burned Avg Run Speed Workout Time
1.34 miles 131 4.3 mph 24 min


Not much to say about today really. I had a pretty decent workout. Took my time. Tried out some new machines. I like to switch it up every now and then. I used the ab wheel instead of planking because I hate planking and the ab wheel seems to work better. But sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my time because the only thing I ever make progress on as far as the machines go are the hip machines. I started (almost a year ago) doing 90lbs on them and I’m up to 150lbs. Other than that, I haven’t made any progress in the strength department. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough.

I’m hoping losing weight and sticking more to a stricter training schedule will help, but I’m not sure if I’m doing the right things because I’m not following an actual program. With c25k, someone else put the program together and it steadily progresses so I know I’ll make progress. But with my cross training, I just kind of threw together a bunch of things to target different muscle groups. I wish I could afford a coach.


I know I still have like 7 weeks to go until the race, but I’m starting to feel like I’m not going to be ready in time. Today’s workout was challenging, though not nearly as much as Monday’s. I expect to be at work late today so I woke up early and went to the gym before work. I actually felt like I had enough energy, which surprised me because I didn’t sleep well last night. Running actually felt good for once instead of just being painful. My knee hurt as I was walking into the gym, but it actually stopped as soon as I started working out. I tried to warm up a bit more gradually which I think helped prevent stitches in my sides, of which I had none this time. Usually I warm up for 5 minutes at 3 mph but today I did 3 mph for 4 minutes and 3.5 for 1 minute.

The thing that made me feel like I’m not going to be ready in time was my breathing today. I don’t know if it was asthma or just normal being out of breath (it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes) but I just had a hard time breathing through the whole workout. My lungs felt tight and my shoulder hurt a bit. Another thing that was different today was that after the workout, my back actually hurt. Usually my back feels great after a workout, so that was just weird.

I know that progress will follow hard work. I’m just afraid I don’t have enough time. I don’t have any expectations of winning the 5k, but I would like to actually finish without walking at all, and currently I’m really struggling to get through the running portions of the workouts.

Distance Traveled Calories Burned Avg Run Speed Workout Time
1.33 miles 122 4.2 mph 23 min


Today I learned I’ve been using the term “cross training” all wrong. I assumed it meant any other kind of exercise besides your main sport, but I guess not. For running, cross training actually means doing things similar to running, like biking, swimming, elliptical, etc. So what I’ve been referring to as cross training is actually just strength training (with some biking thrown in). Now I’m wondering if maybe I should be doing other forms of cardio as well.

I had a fairly productive workout today. I got up early again and went before work. As much as I’m not a morning person, I think I prefer this. I get home earlier and it’s nice to not just basically roll out of bed straight into work. I even cooked breakfast after my workout. The leg curl machine (which has been broken all week) is finally fixed. My abs were sore as fuck so that made some things a little harder and I didn’t work the abs at all today because of it. My shoulder has also been bothering me which made working the upper body difficult. I might need to find some new exercises for the back and arms that don’t work the shoulders as much. At least for a while.


So today was my last day at my job (I was working two jobs for a while there, after today I only have one!) and everyone at the office went out to lunch with me. And made breakfast. So I ate a ton of food today. Lunch was late around 2:00 and we didn’t finish until 3:30 so I was still super stuffed by the time I got off work at 5:00. I went to the gym and attempted to workout, but I got such a bad cramp in my side that I unfortunately had to stop. I also got fairly intense heartburn. I made it just under 14 minutes into my run. I’m thinking I’m going to have to run tomorrow to make up for it.

Distance Traveled Calories Burned Avg Run Speed Workout Time
0.77 miles 71 4.0 mph 13.75 min


I dreamt about running last night. It was awesome, I was so fast and didn’t get out of breath at all. I hope that it’ll actually feel like that some day.

Today was the first time (since I started training) that I ran outside. It was cold and rainy, but that was good because it’ll be cold when I do the 5k. I really need to start training outside more. It’s more difficult to run on pavement, especially uneven pavement, than it is to run on a treadmill. My form sucks on pavement, and breathing outside (especially cold) air upsets my asthma more than running on a treadmill. So I think I’m going to try to incorporate a Saturday outdoors run into my training routine.

I took my dog with me on the run today. He loves to run with me.

Kirby loves to go for runs
Kirby loves to go for runs

My back started hurting at one point and I realized it was because I was leaning forward too much, thus why I really need to work on my form. For some reason it’s easier to have good form on the treadmill.

Because I ran outside today, I don’t actually have any speed or distance stats. I ran on and off for approximately 25 minutes. I know there are apps out there that will measure your speed and distance, and I think c25k has an app too, so I should probably look into those things.

Tip of the week: You’ll never improve if you don’t challenge yourself.

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