Quick Opinion on the Paleo Diet

There are lots of diets out there, but one that really bugs me is the Paleo diet. I’m not necessarily going to say that there’s anything wrong with that way of eating. If it makes you feel healthy, then by all means, eat however you want, I don’t care. What bugs me is that the Paleo diet claims to eat the way we’re “supposed” to eat, because that’s how primitive humans ate.

This bugs me. Just because people have been doing something for thousands of years or did something thousands of years ago doesn’t necessarily make it right or healthy. You know what else humans did thousands of years ago? Slept in caves and used leaches to cure disease. Should we get rid of all modern medicine and stop sleeping in houses because it’s “unnatural”? Of course not.

If you want to advocate for the Paleo diet or any other diet, use studies and scientific evidence, not feel good sayings like “it’s natural” and “it’s how our ancestors ate”. It just makes you sound like a hippy douche.

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