Perfect Poached Eggs

I have a secret.

Are you ready to hear it?

I’ve discovered a way to make perfect poached eggs. After months of searching and disappointment, I have found the best method!

It has nothing to do with vinegar.

It has nothing to do with the age of your eggs.

It has nothing to do with swirling the eggs in water, or sifting the whites.

It doesn’t even require boiling water or a stove.

Are you ready?

Microwave it!

That’s right, the secret to perfectly poached eggs is  the microwave. I decided to try this method due to my laziness and being crunched for time in the mornings. I’m always looking for ways to make a quick breakfast. This method is easy and works surprisingly well. All you need to do is crack the eggs into a microwave safe bowl, fill it with enough water to completely submerge the eggs, and cook! Microwave times will vary, so you have to experiment. It’s also very easy to overcook the eggs this way, so you have to be careful. I nuke the eggs at 80% power for 1 minute, then at 30 second intervals at 100% power. I’ve also found that it’s best to do one egg at a time because for some reason, when you do more than one, one egg gets overcooked while the other gets undercooked. Your microwave may behave differently though, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

I was surprised at how well this method worked. The eggs came out perfectly shaped with absolutely no effort on my part. I just put water directly from the sink into the bowl with the eggs and nuked it and VOILA! Perfect eggs.

And best of all, there’s almost no mess! When I poach eggs in a pan, the whites tend to stick to it and it’s really hard to clean, but a glass bowl is practically effortless to clean. Just rinse the bowl immediately after removing your egg with a slotted spoon. Rinse the spoon afterward as well.

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