Turkey requires businesses to have websites

Today I learned that a law passed in Turkey in 2012 requires any capital company that can be audited to have a dedicated website. The following information is required to be on the website:

  1.  MERSIS number of the Company
  2. Commercial Title of the Company
  3. Registered Office address of the Company
  4. Committed and Paid Company Capital
  5. Names of the Company Managers
  6.  Names, surnames, residency addresses and registered Braches, if any, of the selected auditors.

It sounds like if the business fails to publish this information on a website, they will be sentenced to a judicial fine. I’m not sure what a judicial fine is.

When I first heard about this law, I thought it was very interesting and maybe something the US should require. My thought was that it’d be useful for the consumer to have a dedicated website to your business, because then consumers can learn more about your business more easily. But it looks like the law is in place for the benefit of the government, not the consumers. Still, it’s very interesting.

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