It’s Okay if You’re Ugly

You are probably not beautiful.

And you know what? That’s okay. Not everyone needs to be beautiful. Not everyone needs to be attractive. We need to stop teaching our children that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and instead teach them that it’s okay not to be beautiful. We need to teach our children to stop putting so much of their self esteem into their appearance. It’s okay to be ugly. It’s okay to be unattractive. You’re beautiful on the inside.

You are worth more than your appearance. We should be teaching kids that they have redeeming qualities besides their looks. Maybe they’re smart, good at sports, really creative, whatever. It’s important to teach kids that there are more things to life than beauty, and there are things that are valued about them other than beauty. Maybe if we didn’t put so much stock in appearance, we wouldn’t have so many kids with self esteem problems. We wouldn’t have the FA/HAES movement (potentially more on that later).

You might be ugly. Your kid might be ugly. And that’s okay.

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