Internet Resolutions

As it’s almost the end of February, I realize it’s a bit late to be making new year’s resolutions. But who cares!

Yesterday someone was very mean to me on the internet. They overreacted to something that I said, stalked my comment history, and basically called me fat and  told me I didn’t deserve to live. It upset me more than it should have. It really kind of ruined my entire day. So I’ve resolved to do a couple things in regards to my commenting on the internet:

I resolve to not let what people that have never met me say about me bother me. They don’t know me. I don’t know them. Why should I care what they think? This will be difficult, it takes a lot of work to stop being upset about things and stop giving a fuck.

I resolve to be nicer on the internet. While I don’t think what I said was mean in the slightest, I still could have handled the situation better. They told me to drop it and I refused because they were wrong. I was obsessed with proving this person wrong and they felt the need to attack me over it. Next time I’ll try to get my point across in a more clear, concise manner and if I can’t change their mind, I’ll stop trying. I also need to not be so emotional when I’m writing to people.

Finally, I resolve to improve my communication, because I suck at writing and it can make me come off in ways I didn’t mean to or make my point hard to understand.

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