I guess I’m Never Commenting on Huffington Post Again

In an effort to foster more “civil” discussion, Huffington Post is requiring people to “verify” their accounts by connecting through their Facebook accounts in order to comment on articles.

Not only does this not make people any more civil (if you’ve ever been in a comment section that connects through Facebook, you’d see how downright nasty people can be), it alienates people that don’t have Facebook or don’t want to connect through Facebook.

I have a weird phobia of connecting my real life personality to my online one. I have a Facebook, and it has a real picture of me on it, but that’s about as far as I’m willing to go. I never, ever connect with websites through Facebook because it makes me downright uncomfortable for reasons I don’t understand.

I guess I can’t comment on a Huff Post article ever again because they think that somehow, connecting through Facebook will foster more intelligent discussion. Hint: it won’t.

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