I fell while running today

I decided to go out for a quick jog with my dog before dinner today. Lately I’ve been really into this game called Magikarp Jump, and thought it’d be a good idea to multitask and play the game while running. That turned out to be a terrible idea because something happened that I don’t remember happening since I was a kid: I fell. I tripped over an uneven part of sidewalk and fell pretty hard.

My phone flew out of my hands, my glasses and sunglasses flew off my face, and I hit the ground on my hands and knees. I could feel it happening and it seemed to happen in slow motion, but not slow enough for me to be able to stop it. I had to hobble home with my aching knees and whining dog (he wasn’t ready to be done yet!), all the while feeling so stupid for playing on my phone while running. Doesn’t matter that I only needed one hand to play; I wasn’t paying attention and my balance was off just enough that what might have been just a small stumble ended up with me on the ground. I also need to work on picking up my feet so I don’t trip in the first place. I tend to drag them a little too close to the ground.

The good news is that my phone and glasses are both fine. Thank God I invested in a nice, study case for my phone that saved it from scratches or cracks. My knees didn’t fare as well; they’re quite scraped and bruised and swollen and I probably won’t jog for a couple days. I’m more annoyed at myself than anything, but all in all I’m fine. I didn’t even cry 😛

I just wanted to share. The moral of the story is: pay attention to what you’re doing!

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